Best Things To Do In Bermuda

Things To Do In Bermuda: In 1948, Bronson Hartley was the first, worldwide, to offer shallow water helmet diving, as a tourist attraction, or water tour. His cherished philosophy is to make friends with the fish and gain their trust by feeding them. By diving on the same reef again and again. The original ‘fish whisperer’ made lots of friends. His children carry on the family helmet diving tradition, Chris in Nassau and Greg in Bermuda.

Even today, the idea is still to establish a trusting relationship with marine creatures (not always just fish), so we can see them, observe their behavior and even touch, cradle, caress or hold them. Some only pose for photos. Fish that are normally shy, or ones that usually suspect our often carnivorous intent, come right up to us. This tourist attraction in Bermuda is different from snorkeling or scuba diving.It is truly awesome.

Best Things To Do In Bermuda

Best Things To Do In Bermuda

Easy-to-access, easy-on-the-wallet offerings include complimentary walking tours, free beach bonfire events and inexpensive-to-enter natural attractions. They all offer an unforgettable time on just about any budget. Save even more on your Bermuda adventure with special deals and packages offered year-round.

Here are 21 free or inexpensive ways to dip into island life.


Pick up a fresh brew and cake at Victoire, a modern café in an 18th-century building in the Town of St. George, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Stroll along the pastel street, through the square and into Somers Garden, a flower-filled sanctuary with a traditional Bermuda moongate. Legend has it that the heart of Sir George Somers, the town’s founder, is buried there.


Wow the whole family with a visit to the ‘Bermuda Triangle: Unlock the Secrets’ exhibit at the Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute. The ultimate destination for all things Triangle-related with something to interest and enthrall all audiences and age groups. From true skeptics to true enthusiasts of the paranormal and from young to old. This is the place to find answers to one of the biggest mysteries of all time.


Bikes, scooters, and taxis can get you around Bermuda, but you can also cross the island via the SeaExpress ferry service. Spacious double-decker boats with air conditioning and breezy decks zip from place to place on four different routes. They stop in spots like the City of Hamilton and the Town of St. George and offer a different vantage point of Bermuda.


The first sunrise hits Bermuda in the east, near where the early British settlers arrived onshore in 1609. Stand in their footsteps and take in a piece of history as you drink your morning coffee. Then walk to the nearby town of St. George where there’s history around every cobblestoned corner.


The westerly ocean peninsula of Daniel’s Head Park overlooks the waters of Somerset Long Bay, and it’s one of the best places to watch the sun sink into the sea. Grab a picnic table near the water and marvel as the moon rises. Calling birds and crashing waves create a magical soundtrack.

Things To Do In Kings Wharf Bermuda

The beaches are picture-perfect to the T, with handsome Horseshoe Bay and other coral-colored sand stretches coming up trumps.

This line the shores underneath palm and calabash forests, or below clifftops where luxurious resorts and spas and world-class golf courses sprawl.

Yep, Bermuda’s a truly beautiful spot with plenty of things to do and see on its Anglo come Carib menu.

Enjoy this list of the best things to do in Bermuda:

1. Wonder at the beauty of Horseshoe Bay Beach

Nestled between two rugged boulders of volcanic rock on the southern bends of Main Island, the shimmering golden sands of Horseshoe Bay rarely fail to impress.

Sloping neatly down into the Atlantic Ocean, they are lapped by light whitecaps from morning until night, dashed with the occasional hue of pink thanks to the crushed corals along the shore, and feather out from the undulating dunes that separate the beach from South Road at its back.

Famed across the globe as one of the most picturesque seaside spots on the planet, this one’s simply not to be missed.

Be sure to arrive early though, as the crowds can get overwhelming – especially during the summer high season!

2. Sample the energy of Hamilton

Located smack bang in the middle of Main Island, pretty Hamilton is the beating epicenter of Bermuda’s cultural and economic life.

It’s also imbued with some of the most enchanting colonial relics of any city in the Caribbean and North Atlantic – just check out those Gothic towers and buttresses of The Cathedral of the Most Holy Trinity, rising like some medieval English church in the midst of the town.

Meanwhile, the Bermuda National Gallery beckons with its touring collections and exhibitions of local artists, while Monty’s and the Robin Hood Pub belie the town’s British roots with their hearty Ales and Anglo cuisine.

3. Hike the Railway Trail

Be sure to pick up an official guide to the Railway Trail from the government offices in Hamilton before heading out to join the winding walking and biking paths that now occupy the old route of the railway tracks that went from St. George’s in the west all the way to Somerset in the east.

In fact, this pretty backcountry path offers one of the most comprehensive ways to see the island of Bermuda.

It passes breathtaking sections of the coast, goes by the rocky bays of Coney Island, cuts through the stone of Rural Hill, and traverses the palm gardens of Frank’s Bay, following the same line that the historic 1930s carriages once did.

4. Head for a round of golf

There are plenty of reasons why Bermuda is considered one of the most accomplished and coveted golfing destinations in the Atlantic, nay the world! Just check out the shimmering green undulations of the fairways and rough over at Port Royal, encompassed by the crashing waves of the ocean just south out of Hog Bay.

This legendary public course is celebrated around the globe, and hosts that famous 16th short hole – one of the best-known links threes in the game of golf.

Other options for travelers with clubs in tow include the Mid Ocean Club and the refined Belmont Hills club on Harbour Road.

5. Go underground at the Crystal & Fantasy Caves

Located right on the join between St. David’s Island and Main Island, the subterranean passageways and tunnels of the Crystal & Fantasy Caves remain some of the most awesome backcountry attractions in Bermuda.

Having been carved and sculpted over more than 30 million years, the duo of great caverns offers visitors a chance to see oodles of underground wonders.

There are submerged lakes and pontoon walkways in the Crystal section, quartz-caked stalactites and more, while the Fantasy tunnel has calcite formations and bulbous boulders by the bucket load!

Things To Do In Hamilton Bermuda

Things To Do In Hamilton Bermuda

Bermuda is a prime place to lounge in the pink sand or swim in the blue water, but you should also hit the links, the spas and the duty-free shops. The greens at Port Royal Golf Club are challenging, as are the holes at Turtle Hill Golf Club and Tucker’s Point Golf Club. The Royal Naval Dockyard is recommended for Bermudian crafts and name-brand items. If you’re visiting in the chilly winter, you must take a stroll through Historic St. George.

1.Horseshoe Bay Beach

Southampton parish’s Horseshoe Bay is the most photographed (and famous) beach in Bermuda, making it hard to score a prime spot on the sand, especially if a cruise ship is in town. The blushing sand at Horseshoe is gorgeous at any time of year, but the water is chilly from September to May, so unless you enjoy a frigid dip, you should steer clear of the tide after Labor Day. But even in the colder months, Horseshoe is a great spot for a romantic stroll along the sand. And if you’re in town during Easter you have to make a special trip to Horseshoe to see the beautiful handmade Bermudian kites flying high on Good Friday.

2.Historic St. George

Did you know that St. George was one of the first English towns established in North America? And like its contemporaries (Jamestown, Virginia, and St. John’s, Newfoundland), St. George holds firm to its colonial roots. When you visit you’ll pass the same Town Hall and Old Rectory that the settlers used hundreds of years ago. During the peak summer season, period actors roam the winding streets, simulating the old days – there are even town criers and townspeople sentenced to the stocks. In 2000, the historic town of St. George became a UNESCO World Heritage site.

There’s much to see in the village, but be sure to include the following on your itinerary: the Old State House (the oldest stone building on the island), King Square (where you’ll find a replica of the pillory, stocks and dunking chair used for punishment) and the Unfinished Church. Visitors say taking photos in Town Hall Square is a must.

3.Royal Naval Dockyard

The Royal Naval Dockyard is a picturesque way to break from the pink sand beaches. And if you’re visiting during Bermuda’s chillier seasons, it could end up being the highlight of your trip. The site was once the principal base of the Royal Navy in the Western Atlantic Ocean, but now it’s a tourist-slanted marina and cruise ship dock that’s stocked with waterfront restaurants, art galleries, quaint (though overpriced) shops, and a few pubs. You’ll also find the National Museum of Bermuda and the kid-friendly Dolphin Quest water program here at the Keep fortress.

Visitors applaud the number of attractions available at the Royal Naval Dockyard, especially the shopping and local artisan craft stores, making it a great place to grab some last-minute souvenirs.

4.Unfinished Church

In 1874, settlers in St. George began building an opulent replacement to St. Peter’s Church, an Anglican place of worship that was established after the 1612 English settlement. But poor planning led to insufficient funding and creative squabbles, which led to eventual abandonment following a debilitating storm that left a crumbling ruin and eyesore. Cut to the present day, and the structure has been fortified to withstand visitors, though it’s still unfinished with only the sky for a ceiling. Currently, more repairs are being done, so visitors can only check out the grounds, but you can still enjoy spectacular views through the arches.

If you only stop by one spot in the historic village of St. George, travelers implore you to make it the Unfinished Church for the incredible Gothic architecture and serene surroundings. Past visitors said it’s worth the trek uphill as the church is stunning and your photos will be equally so.

5.Elbow Beach

If you’re looking for sand at its pinkest, stop by Elbow Beach. Just remember that a good chunk of those pink pebbles is privately owned by the Elbow Beach Bermuda hotel and the Coral Beach Club. Honeymooners should investigate a different spot because Elbow has a reputation as the most family-friendly shore on the island. This is partially due to the reefs that keep the waters safe and mild and also the food wagon that patrols the perimeter of Elbow Beach on a regular basis.

The majority of visitors describe the beach as pretty, clean, and secluded, saying it’s a better alternative to some of Bermuda’s more crowded beaches. Many are also happy with the location and variety of restaurants within walking distance.

Bermuda is a beautiful island that is definitely worth visiting. However, if you are planning to visit, make sure you’re not caught off guard by things like food prices and drinking water.
Quiet coves – Bermuda is famous around the world for its pink sand beaches, which really aren’t all that pink to be honest.

Best Things to Do in Bermuda?

  • 1.Bermuda Aquarium, Natural History Museum & Zoo (BAMZ) …
  • 2.Bermuda Botanical Gardens. …
  • 3.Bermuda Historical Society Museum. …
  • 4.Bermuda National Gallery. …
  • 5.Bermuda Reef Explorer. …
  • 6.Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute. …
  • 7.Cathedral of the Most Holy Trinity. …
  • 8.Things to Do in Bermuda: Crystal & Fantasy Caves.

Fun Things To Do In Bermuda

Explore caves, dance with a dolphin, look for turtles or learn about shipwrecks and the infamous Bermuda Triangle –just a few of the activities you should plan for yourself and your family while visiting Bermuda. Whether you want to enjoy a hot-stone massage, play mini-golf at sunset or get on a jet-ski, there are activities to suit everyone’s interests.


Bermuda beaches come in all shapes and shades of sand and are excellent for swimming, snorkeling, sunbathing, paddle-boarding, kayaking, and relaxing. Most famous are the south shore beaches, with vast stretches of pink-tinged sand, interspersed with tucked-away coves.  The white sand contains pink flecks – remains of the tiny foraminifera organism that grows beneath the reef offshore – which gives it a rosy hue.


As a tiny island with a beautiful coastline surrounded by turquoise water, it’s no wonder there are so many watersports to choose from. Snorkeling, kayaking, SNUBA, helmet diving, fishing, and scuba diving are just a few of the ways to enjoy and explore Bermuda’s waters. Whether you join a glass-bottom boat tour or rent your own pontoon boat, watersports are bound to be part of your Bermuda experience.

This To Do – Highlights

All Aboard The Wildcat with K.S. Watersports
Our captain, Kevin Sousa, made his way to the bow and started a little welcome commentary. The boat was almost full and everyone was eager to take off which is exactly what we did once we were out of the no-wake zone…

The Bermuda Triangle: Unlock the Secrets at BUEI’s Ocean Discovery Centre
BUEI’s Ocean Discovery Centre is designed to enlighten visitors and locals alike as it ‘unlocks the secrets’ of the mysterious phenomenon that is The Bermuda Triangle.

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